Bee & Bean

Bee & Bean
Bee & Bean is the combination of myself and jenny, my creative twin. introduced to each other as co-workers, jenny and i have continued our friendship through the love of art. Bee & Bean is our attempt to encourage each other to simply make. enjoy the conversation, be inspired.
creating everyday for a better tomorrow.
new dolls posted here at

OH AND . . .
Thanks to Brianne at Tender Loving Empire for giving Bee & Bean their first consignment gig. If you live around Portland I highly recommend checking out this super hip art shop in NE Portland. The shop is packed with beautiful works from local artist. If you do make it to the shop please give a hug to the 8 brave Bee & Bean creatures that patiently wait for their new familys to adopted. Check out the shop here.

Two crazy kids who share two common interest … rocks and rock. Back in the 70s, Velma and Harper started their own band together called ‘Rock Garden’ and put out one LP. It didn’t really do good on the charts, so they decided to stick to the soil. They however still managed to top the charts as two of the brightest and most talented Geologists in the world. Rock on, rock on.

Introducing Serenity, a southern sweet heart. She prefers sweet tea over coffee and would much rather walk in the grass then go to class. But class it must be as Serenity is a senior grad student, studying pet psychology. Serenity is a sucker for snakes and garden snakes at that. She hopes to use her degree towards the ever increasing garden snake depression that has swiped America and Switzerland. Serenity believes her ‘Trauma Recovery Program’ (or TRP) can motivate garden snakes to press through their self criticism and therefore work more efficiently in the garden making more productive gardens and therefore reversing the worlds food shortage.

see Serenity sport the Bee & Bean tag, she sure makes it look good.

Meet Blue Beard Bailey high-rise tight rope walker, stuntman extra for Hollywood B movies. Bailey has no fear of heights, but don’t ever get close to his face with a razor, for Bailey has no fear expect the loss of his beautiful yet bizarre blue beard. It’s so bad that if Bailey is walking in town and spots a hair salon he will cross the street and walk on the other side. He takes obsessive pride in his blue do. Wouldn’t you? At a young age Bailey started showing facial hair. As a kid he spent many hours in the office after getting in playground fights with his classmates over his blue fuzz. Bailey started climbing as a way to escape, first trees, then towers. Eventually Billy got a union job as a lineman and stayed a union worker for 20 years. While working a job in the Bay Area a Hollywood directed saw Bailey who looked just like his lead actor on his new action cliffhanger film. He offered Bailey the chance to be on the big B screen as a stuntman. Bailey agreed on the terms that his blue beard goes unbarbered. They signed and Bailey moved down to Hollywood where he defies gravity while still staying true to his blue.

Welcome Cory, the corduroy boy. He enjoys jumping, sideways leaping is his highest preference. In the summer he spends his time jumping on the large trampoline outside his house. After a full day of jumping there is nothing Cory likes more then a bowl of spiral pasta. And let me not forget … Cory is a vinyl junkie, however only for Soundtrack Vinyl. Currently, Cory is addicted to his most recently addition … Flash Gordon!

This sister and brother team have swam many seas, but technically only the Pacific. At a young age Almond and Amen where offered to be show fish in a up scale bar upon a Cruise Ship. They swam together in unison and entertained the drink happy crowds inside a crystal tank.

And on this tippy tanker the tipsy travelers paid 25 cents for a little bag of fish food to feed the swimming duo. As one could imagine, a Cruise Ships holds many passengers and to top it off after a few drinks people get very generous. So for a year, Almond and Amen where well fed and they embrace there full figured bodies. I encourage you to do the same.

Tory, tell me a story. Remind me again how you broke your leg.
It was a car?!? An unmanned automobile!
To think, you were just minding your own business, enjoying your ice cream on a saturday afternoon at the park. Tory, that’s a sad story.

He would like to apologize, it seems we have caught him on a bad day.
Love hurts, and oh, does Terry know all to well.

love is like a rose …

Oliver is not ovulating, he’s just old.
If you may, he can use an extra hug.

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Skype Session #4

and the animals came. two by two.


Parisian Peter.

Southern CA and northern OR together creating with cameras rolling and computer fan humming. I present to you Parisian Peter. European and proud, he is a charmer. Young children, please don’t be alarmed by the last image. the nude body should be seen as art and not an object.

Thank you PZS and everyone that came to the bee & bean booth. The talent in the room was overwhelming. clap, clap, clap, and hats off. there is my booth neighbor Erica, a pleasure to finally have met! i recommend if you missed this year come to the next, totally.