Celebrating 10 years of gathering with friends, setting aside one weekend a year to make music with community. It never gets old and it’s never the same. Below are two iPhone recordings from the weekend. The first is a work-in-progress song performed in a dreamy natural reverb heavy pool room (Pool Set). The second was during the main garage performances (Garage Set). Originally this song was just a solo act of me on omnichord and vocals, however it was a dream to extend the song with a “jam band”. Thankfully my friends: Josh McBride on electric guitar, Jon Crosswhite on bass, and Dr. Bob on drums jumped on board the flow train and with only one practice before playing in front of an audience I couldn’t have been more impressed.

“Well Done” lyrics:
Well done my child
you’ve made it through.
Now all that is required 
is for you to break in two.
Will you give your soul
for the better of the whole?