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In hopes of sharing more of my musical process and ideas I’ve created a MeaningLess Emphasis SoundCloud. I’m giving technology a great big hug and utilizing apps on my iPod Touch (inspired by the musician Wobbly). Currently loving the wild soundscapes happening with the help of the app Loopy. For example …

I have also adopted into my family a Line6 Stompbox DL4. Which looks like this …
IMG_1177And makes sounds like this …

This fascination with sounds and technology was kick started by a 3 hour lecture on the history of synthesizers (notes below) provided by TCS at UC Davis followed by a performance by Wobbly.

3hr lecture Feb 2013

Wobbly at work

I’ve been on one of my many documentary sprees and just watched the MOOG documentary on Netflix … but you can also find it on YouTube. This Schaefer Beer Commercial by musician Edd Kalehoff (who is also responsible for The Price is Right giggle) is hard to beat. Oddly reminds me of a David Lynch film