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“This is life … I’m stopping to listen to the banjo.” Visuals and misspelled words during conversation with the beautiful Dani Scoville.

Last year when Hurricane Irene hit NY I just so happened to be in Harlem visiting friends. So in response, we gathered supplies, cranked up the music, and danced violently along with the storm. When dawn rose and we all still had our fingers and toes this song was written in her memory. Thank you Adam Sjoberg for capturing and posting this live cover of ‘Hurricane Song’ during Fauxchella.

This is a new project over at MeaningLess Emphasis that I’m very excited about. ‘Windows That Only You Can Look Through’ will be a ongoing collection of loops pulled directly from my BOSS RC-2 Loop Station. There is no post-production (besides trimming), just on the spot emotion. The idea is that you can download the song, place in your media player of choice and set on repeat. My hope is that they are meditative, restful, opening, clearing, and inspiring. One of my personal favorite uses is listening to a loop while writing emails. I would love to hear what you like to “loop” to. Walking the dog, drawing spirals, filing medical papers?


OK. Bottom of the bag. Happy Friday internet friends.