I love collaborating, especially when you have the master mind of Jessica Kemp manning the design ship. Jessica and I worked together on the yearbook team while attending Biola University (which I can honestly say were some of my favorite years). I actually discovered my love of illustration working with Jessica, as she would type set and layout content like a wizard, I honed in and delighted on detailed drawings. Jessica and I had the privage of helping our friends Josh&Jess create their wedding invitations. We naturally took our positions as Jessica designed and I illustrated. Above is the illustration I drew which was letter pressed on the front of the invitation pictured below.


Josh&Jess already have a rich story together. Their journel covers valley, sea, forest, and the big city. With tools always strapped to their side … a butterfly catcher, compass, copies of John Steinbeck, and fishing string. Sweet honey, stranded sheep, whale tails, horsemen, wild mushrooms wrapped within a crickets song.

So, if you need a reminder that there still beauty and true love in this world then I highly suggest watching Josh & Jess’s engagement video created by the man of many talents Adam Sjoberg. Here … let me just post it for you … happy hunting.