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It seems my new liking to bandcamp is becoming apparent. I’ve created another bandcamp page, this time for my solo recordings, under a new name MeaningLess Emphasis (a nod to my previous name … MLE). I wrote this poem yesterday and thought about posting it last night, however I felt strange, as I usually don’t share my writings on this blog. The idea came to me that I should first share the poem with a friend, before releasing it web wise. So this morning, over Skype with Ashley Millar I read Battles In My Bed. After doing so, Ashley recommended recording a reading and sharing the audio along with the text. Excellent idea Ashley, I’ll do just that.

A camel in heat.
Run into walls, continuously.
I’ll bruise, maybe brick,
someday break. Understand?
My map, finger snap, tight wrap.
Sewing leaves so I stay covered.

Perhacs pledges “please stay creative – it helps all of us”

I’ve got two feet, four would be better
and ferns for fingers.
Why do I often work on the floor?
Enjoy my knees and elbows pressed.
Everyday I’ll wear my Sunday best.

I’m familiar with the floor.
I’m familiar with walking out the door.
I’m familiar with the self-festering shame.
I’m familiar with quitting before the end of the game.
It’s familiar, but not family.

Stop stealing my inheritance.
You’ve taken enough, now go away.
Out of my sight and please out of my mind.

I’ve got dice, I’ve got the horses reins,
I’ve got daily bread, I’ve got books unread.

Who’s the hero when the battles in my bed?
Every limb has fallen asleep,
even my heart, even my head.

Stand up now.
The blood pumps through your veins
and you scream from the pain.

Armor sells for cheap these days.
A popping beat and a pack of lies,
it’s easier to memorizes.

I’m buying back my armor now
and I’m getting off the floor.