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photographer : Adam Sjoberg

The last two weeks I embarked on a new musical endeavor,
to intentionally make music
More then one, more then two, more then three,
four (and partly five) talents
in a room.

The fool within me wanted instant results, like a microwave meal,
but then I would have missed the slow roasted relationships that developed with unexpected flavor and nourishment. Thank you Tyler, Mike, Josh, Jon, Ham, Laurel, Ashley, Adam for playing the harp strings of my heart. I’ve been challenged, I’ve been encouraged.

If your wondering, “Where is the music?”, well, it’s still being fine tuned and as soon as I can share it with you I will.

For now I’ll direct you to the websites of my dear friends Laurel Dailey and Adam Sjoberg who both stopped by and posted some beautiful documentary photos of the recording process.

I leave L.A. not easily,
rather hanging on the door.