Race Report: In the beginning


While on Instagram attempting to post a picture of my most recent bike race I noticed a difficulty keeping my caption short. As I try to keep my words few on Instagram it seemed like a more obvious blog post was necessary. So here we have it … Race Report . Art blog, now also bike blog.

My racing interest began June 1, 2014 with the completion of my first bike challenge, Americas Most Beautiful Bike Ride (AMBBR), a century (100 mile) ride around Lake Tahoe. I signed up with Team In Training, an awesome organization that trains participants for endurance sports in exchange for fundraising to support blood cancer research. Over the course of four months my team slowly increasing in endurance during weekend rides starting at 15 miles, then 25 miles, 35 miles, until we hit 75 miles. The day of AMBBR I woke with immeasurable anticipation. It was magic and hard work all in one. Breathtaking views of the lake, thousands of riders, and almost 7 hours of saddle time. It was in the truest sense … epic.


Yes, that is a wine glass (plastic don’t worry) on my helmet. As part of the North Bay chapter we had to represent Sonoma/Napa wine country. They called it our ‘GPS’ so my other teammate could spot me riding in the crowd. Oh, yeah!

So there I was, post 100 mile ride, back at my hotel floating in the pool, and I noticed something had awakened in me … a fire in my belly (to quote Joe De Sena). I had the realization that I could focus on a far off goal, commit, put in the hard work, and complete what I set my mind to. “I am capable”, a simple statement, however for me it was a huge mental hurdle over the more frequent thoughts of self-doubt. I have dreams, damn it! So there I was, my first bike challenge done and a hunger for more. But more what? I’ve experienced endurance, now I wanted speed. Speed? Like racing? No way, couldn’t be for me. I mean, it’s too dangerous, I’m not fit enough and I would have no idea what I’m doing. Sounds like a challenge … a challenge! Well, challenged excepted. Stay tuned friends cause the RACE … IS … ON!

I used to write poetry


Last night I saw a shooting star so bright and big it scared me.
I need to get out.
This is no longer my tribe.
Play your classical music louder, LOUDER.
I’m avoiding your text.
Instant Messaging are you ruining my communication?

I don’t blame you. You who were clear from the beginning.
Your friends vs my friends
Can we still be friends
after all this

Give it time and they’ll adjust the textbooks.
Or the kids won’t care.
You have to want to care.
It takes energy to care.

You don’t feel like it?
Perfect, do it anyways.

I used to write poetry.




HAPPY SEPTEMBER my long lost blog. Let’s fill you in on some new projects like EOW which stands for ‘Every Other Week’. EOW is a song challenge with friend Nick Riedell to encourage each other to write, record, and share more of our music. Here are two tracks I’ve posted so far. Happy listening and again … happy September!

When I see your face will I recognize your voice?
Will I know when you call my name?
Will it sound the same?
Darling, don’t fear.
My darling, don’t fear.
Oh darling, don’t fear.
My darling, don’t fear.



Remembering to share. At a friends request…


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Remember when I used to post on this blog? Oh, yes. Thanks to a certain friend who reminded me last weekend that in fact some do check this site. What better way to start back up the relationship then to share  photos. Shot on 35mm film with a lomography Fisheye and a Polaroid disposable. Special thanks to Walgreens for being the last remaining developer of film in my hometown! Here I’ll make room on the couch, just poured us some lemonade

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Melt me. Red Hook Criterium videos


Red Hook Crit was started by David Trimble who wanted to celebrate his birthday by throwing a bike race. Such a great idea. Be prepared in seeing a lot more cycling related post from me. I recently got my first road bike and I’m hooked, clipped, and loving it! I’m also constantly learning … like what is a criterium? According to Wiki, it’s a short course (usually less than 1 mile) race often run on closed-off city center streets with the race length determined by a number of laps or total time. Sweet. Here are some videos I’m crushing on from the 2013 Red Hook Crits … like I said, melt me!

Race day as seen by 8bar Bikes in Milan

Red Hook Criterium recap in Milan.

Sitting in the saddle of Chris Pino during the Brooklyn Navy Yard race. Bummer dude gets a flat, but the experience is worth the watch.


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